DressEZ Foam Handle Shoehorn & Dressing Stick

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Dress and undress without bending!

Getting dressed and undressed is much easier and more comfortable with this handy dressing aid. The DressEZ Foam Handle Shoehorn & Dressing Stick enable you to push, pull and reach without bending. It doubles as an extra-long shoehorn and as an extra long dressing stick.

Use the shoehorn to put on and take off your shoes and socks, and use the extra-long dressing stick to help pull on shirts, sweaters, coats as well as pants and skirts. You can even use it to:

  • retrieve clothing from closet rods
  • push to open and pull to close doors
  • pull shoes and other items toward you

Versatile, easy to grasp with a non-slip grip

The DressEZ has a built-up soft foam handle that is easier to grasp and more comfortable to hold.  It is the perfect helper for users recovering from hip, knee or back surgery, and users with Arthritis, limited grasping ability or mobility limitations.

DressEZ 2-in-1 Shoehorn and Dressing Stick feature an S-hook on one end, a shoehorn on the other end and a built-up soft foam cover in the middle. The extended length:

  • eliminates bending to put on and remove your shoes
  • aids with putting on and takeing off your clothes
  • assists in retrieving dressing items from closet shelves and rods


DressEZ is available in two sizes:

24 inches long

30 inches long




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