Buckingham Telescopic Bra Angel Dressing Aid


Fasten your bra using only one hand!

The Buckingham Telescopic Bra Angel is an assistant bra-fastening device for women with upper mobility disabilities or limited hand dexterity due to arthritis. This unique little dressing aid enables you to fasten your bra without assistance using only one hand.

It’s perfect for stroke survivors with hemiparesis, a weakness or paralysis of the arm or hand on one side of the body. With the Buckingham Telescopic Bra Angel, these women can independently dress in private again!  

Lightweight and easy to use

Buckingham Telescopic Bra Angel is a lightweight, latex free, sturdy plastic wand that’s very easy to use. Simply hang it around your neck and hold it in place by pressing your chin against the heart-shaped pad. Turn your bra inside out and upside down, and attach one end to the gripper on the bottom of the bra-angel. While holding the bra’s other end with one hand, bring it around you and hook the two ends together. 

The telescopic adjustment feature allows you to adjust the bra-angel to a comfortable height when in use, and for storage and travel. Use it with most brassiere types.

Color & Dimensions

Color: white with a pink heart

It weighs about 3 ounces and measures 15 inches long.

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