Extra Long Razor Holder with Slip Resistant Handles

SKU KIN-92023

Shave your legs without bending!

If you’re recovering from knee, back or hip surgery, or have other mobility limitations, there’s no need to worry about hairy legs. This Extra Long Razor Holder with a slip-resistant handle allows you to shave your legs safely without bending! Use it in either a sitting or standing position.

The extended Razor Holder supports either a regular or an electric razor. You can use it to extend the reach of other tools too, including dusters, paintbrushes and more.

Ergonomically desgned with a non-slip grip

This Extra Long Razor Holder is lightweight and portable. It features an ergonomically designed shaft made of heavy-duty metal with a comfort grip handle. The is slip resistant acrylic with finger bump indentations for a more secure and comfortable hold.


Length:  20 inches (51 cm)

Razor not included!

Makes a great gift!

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