Extra Wide Diabetic Edema Medi-Socks

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Extra wide diabetic and Edema socks

Extra Wide Medi-Socks have a superior stretch and stays up! These comfortable, non-constricting socks fit over casts and Unna Boots. They’re ideal for people with diabetes, Edema or any condition where the feet, ankles or calves are wide or swollen.

Sizes available to fit up to size 6E

These Extra Wide Medi-Socks are 93 percent cotton mixed and with a stretchy nylon. The sock’s calf stretches to as much as 25 inches, making it a more comfortable fitting sock for both men and women.

Extra Wide Medi-Socks sizes range from a woman’s size 6 to a man’s size 6E. The available colors are white, black and tan. Machine wash and dry!

Sizes & Colors

Available Sizes

Women’s size small – shoe size 6 to 11

Men’s size Regular – shoe size 8 to 11

Men’s size Large – shoe size 11 to 6E

Available Colors - White, Black or Tan 

For hygiene reasons, this item is not returnable!

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