McGuire Style Urinal Collection System for Male Incontinence

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Discreet Urinary Collection System for Male Incontinence

The McGuire Style Urinal for Male Incontinence is a discreet urinary collection system developed for men experiencing urge and overflow Incontinence. It's perfect for men recovering from a stroke or a prostatectomy. It's also helpful to men living with other diseases that affect bladder functions like diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Wearing the McGuire Style Urinal allows these men:

  • to maintain active lifestyles with confidence
  • the freedom to live a normal life after prostate surgery
  • to eliminate accidental urine leakage and embarrassing odor

The long-term solution for long distance professionals!

The McGuire Style Urinal is not only the best solution for male incontinence protection, it's also the ideal solution for doctors performing all day surgeries or pilots and truckers traveling long distances under tight time schedules. Utilizing the McGuire Style Urinal enables these professionals to complete their jobs without frequent interruptions.

Complete system's comfortable and easy to use

McGuire Style urinary collection system is very comfortable to wear and simple to use. The system includes:

  • a Jock-style elastic waistband designed to fit waist sizes from 26 to 44 inches
  • a soft snap-on latex sheath
  • a 20 ounce vinyl leg bag with adjustable latex straps
  • a six inch extension tube to connect the bag to the sheath
  • a 1-way valve to prevent fluid return or back flow
  • instructions

Caring for the McGuire Style Urinal

It's recommended that you clean the McGuire Style Urinal daily to prevent harmful bacterial growth. For this reason, It's best to own at least two urinals. When wearing one, the other urinal can dry thoroughly after cleaning it with mild soap and water. The Latex Replacement Sheath (also sold separately) should be replaced after 30 days.

Available Size & Dimensions

The McGuire Style Urinal's elastic waistband fits waist sizes up to 46 inches. Snap-On Latex Sheath is 7.5 inches long Vinyl leg bag holds up to 20 ounces

PLEASE NOTE: This item is not returnable!

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