Parkinson's Weighted Button Aid

SKU KIN-30505

Button shirts and dresses without hand tremors!

Parkinson's Weighted Button Aid is an assisted dressing aid for individuals with essential hand tremors and other grasping disabilities. It features a built-up weighted handle with a textured non-slip surface and a sturdy wire loop extension used to button clothing. This special dressing aid enable elderly users and Parkinson's patients with shaky, trembling hands, people with Arthritis joint pain and stiffness in the fingers and hand, and individuals with the use of only one hand to dress without assistance.

Easy to use weighted handle with non-slip textured grip

The handle of the Parkinson's Button Aid is big, round and weighted with a textured, non-slip surface. A vinyl-coated tip separates the textured handle from the formed stainless steel wire loop used to secure the button in place. 

To use Parkinson's Weighted Button Aid, extend the formed wire loop end through the clothing eyelet, wrap the loop around the button and pull it back through the eyelet. Use it to button shirts, skirts, pants, coats and more. 

Weight and Dimensions

The Weighted Button Aid has a diameter of 1 inch, length of 7-1/4 inches and weighs approximately 7 ounces.

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