Rije Dysphagia Nosey Cup

SKU KIN-16075

Controls output in an upright position

The RiJe Dysphagia Nosey Cup allows users to control liquid output and drink while in an upright position. Features include:

  • Ergonomic built up handles for a secure, comfortable grip
  • Nose cut out design for drinking without tilting your head
  • Built-in regulator to control dispensing portions

It is the perfect drinking aid for people with limited range of motion, the bedridden, those recovering from whiplash injury or people having difficulty swallowing. RiJe Dysphagia Nosey Cup’s large two handles make it easier for users with grasping difficulties due to Arthritis pain to hold it comfortably.

The nosey cut out allows users to keep their chin down when drinking and the adjustable regulator enable users to dispense .10 - .50 ounces (3ml – 15ml) every two to three seconds. This eliminates the risk of choking for Stroke patients with Dysphagia.

Suitable for hot or cold liquids

RiJe Dysphagia Nosey Cup holds up to 8.5 ounces (250ml) hot or cold liquids. The sealable portion control cup prevents spills, and the large base provides good stability for thin, water-like non-carbonated liquids only. RiJe cup’s plastic parts are BPA free polypropylene and the O-rings are food grade silicon. It’s made to last and is dishwasher safe.


RiJe Cup is 7 inches (178 mm) high and 4.25 inches (108 mm) diameter.

Weighs .5 pound (230 gram)

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