Afex® Collection Bag for Urinary Incontinence

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Urinary collection bag for moderate to heavy urine flow

Afex® Collection Bag for Urinary Incontinence, a vital part of the Afex Incontinence Management System, collects and stores urine for men with moderate to heavy uncontrollable urine flow.

Latex Free leg bag with back flow prevention

This urinary collection bag is made from a soft, latex-free vinyl for durability. It's also double sealed for extra protection and features a reflux valve to prevent urine back flow. When the bag is full, simply twist open the convenient blue drainage cap at the bottom of the bag and release the fluid.

Collection bag sizes and styles Afex Collection Bag for Urinary Incontinence is available in the following sizes and styles:

  • 16-ounce/500ml - Standard Collection Bag
  • 32-ounce/1000ml - Extra Capacity Collection Bag
  • 16-ounce/500ml - Vented Collection Bag - features a specialized membrane to allow built-up air to escape.


All Afex Collection Bags connects to the Afex® Receptacle nozzle extended through the hole in the Afex® Boxer Briefs. A twist-n-lock connector with one blue line and one orange line located on the top of the collection bags connects the receptacle to the leg bag. Simply align the orange line on the receptacle with the orange line on the connector and twist so that the blue line on the connector now lines up with the orange line on the receptacle.

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