Afex® Incontinence Management System

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An incontinence collection system for moderate to heavy urine flow!

Afex® Incontinence Management System provides urinary leakage protection for men with moderate to heavy urinary leakage. This unique urine collection system:

  • Controls accidental urine leakage
  • eliminates embarrassing urine odor
  • Prevents skin irritation
  • Improves morale and boost confidence
  • Saves money – eliminating the reoccurring high cost of disposables  

The Afex Incontinence Management System is discreet, comfortable and destined to become the all time favorite solution for men recovering from prostate cancer or stroke, men with diabetes or Parkinson’s disease, and elderly men with limited mobility.

Afex Incontinence Management System includes:

  • 1 comfortable cotton brief
  • 1 high or low style receptacle* (see below)
  • 1 500 ml or 1200 ml collection leg bag
  • 1 cleaning/storage container
  • 1 cleaning solution – 4 fluid ounce bottle
  • Complete Instructions

*Choose the high style receptacle for sporting activities and overnight use - choose the low style for prolong sitting and lengthy inactivity.

 Afex Incontinence Management System Kit comes with the standard 500 ml capacity Collection Bag. However, you can substitute the standard collection bag for either the 500 ml Vented Collection Bag or the 1200 ml Extra Capacity Collection Bag (Select the option best for you above).

Available Brief Sizes

Size Small Medium Large X-Lg XX-Lg 3X-Lg
Waist 28 - 30 32 - 34 36 - 38 40 - 42 44 - 46 48 - 50

The Afex Collection System for waist sizes 4X to 6X are available by special order only!

Size 4X-Lg 5X-Lg 6X-Lg
Waist 52 - 54 56 - 58 60 - 62
PLEASE NOTE: The Afex Incontinence Management System is not for men with a retracted, retractile or implanted penis. If you have a retracted penis, we recommend the Retracted Penis Pouch Urinary Collection System

PLEASE NOTE: This item is not returnable!

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by Anonymous on July 21, 2017

16 years after prostate cancer surgery, my father's incontinence problem was so embarrassing that he stopped being active and social. In just one week, this product has given my father back his freedom. He is now unstoppable and back to being the funny and social guy he was. Thank you so much! .

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by Anonymous on June 14, 2017

Thanks I Love it Thanks Again Jeff

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by Anonymous on June 14, 2017

Thanks I Love it Thanks Again Jeff

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