Smart Caregiver Alarm System

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Keep loved ones safe from wandering

The most frighten symptom of Alzheimer’s and Dementia is patient wandering. At any time of day or night, a person with one of these diseases can wander away from home or assisted living facility unnoticed. In case of a power outage, even the most expensive monitoring service will not be enough to keep your loved one safe from simply walking away. An economical and safe way to prevent patient wandering is with this Anti-Wandering Wireless Alarm Monitoring System by Smart Caregiver.

This low cost anti-wandering solution features the Economy Cordless Fall/Mobility Monitor and your choice of Cordless® Sensor Chair Pads, Bed Pads, or Floor Mats. The cordless feature eliminates failure due to possible power outages and prevents accidental falls due to cord entanglement or tripping hazards.

Alerts caregivers of accidental falls

The Economy Cordless Alarm features an on/off switch, adjustable volume, chime and flashing light. When programmed to the Cordless Sensor Device of your choice, the system alerts caregivers if a patient falls from the bed, chair or wheelchair, or if a patient wanders from the bed in the middle of the night or towards an unlocked door. It uses a bright blinking light, seen from a distance in conjunction with a gentle chime and works with all of the following Cordless Sensor Devices:

  • Chair Sensor Pad
  • Bed Sensor Pad
  • Floor Mat Sensor Pad

How these components work

Each wireless wandering and fall alert device easily connects to the Economy Cordless Fall/Mobility Monitor. The Cordless Chair, Bed and Floor Sensor Pads are pressure sensitive. The chair and bed pads activate the alarm and alerts the caregiver when the patient gets up or fall out of the chair or bed. In the same way, a signal sent to the Monitor from the Floor Mat activating the alarm when the patient steps on the Floor Mat.

Overall, these Anti-Wandering and Fall Management Alert Systems offer caregivers the most affordable and effective way to keep their patients and loved ones safe and secure! The Economy Cordless Fall/Mobility Monitor signal range varies. It requires three C batteries (not included) and can be used with an optional AC adapter. Decide which system works best for you and order yours today!


Economy Cordless Alarm measures 5 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches (sold separately or with Cordless Chair, Bed or Floor Pad) - Comes with mounting bracket and screws

Cordless Chair Pad measures 10 x 15 inches 

Cordless Bed Pad measures 20 x 30 inches

Cordless Floor Mat measures 24 x 36 inches - available in black or gray

Use the options above to select the system right for you!



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