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ElderMedicalSupplyGroup blog contains helpful advice on how your life can be improved though the use of affordable aids for daily living products for elderly seniors, people with disabilities and people recovering from injuries, surgeries and illnesses.

Walk to Fight Alzheimer's Disease

Help the Alzheimer's Association with their largest fundraiser event, Walk to End Alzheimer's®. This fundraiser takes place annually in over 600 communities. Participants help the Alzheimer's Association reach two very important goals:

  • Increase Alzheimer's awareness to friends, family and other people in your community
  • Raise much needed funds for Alzheimer's research, care and support

Join the fight today! Participation is easy and registration is FREE. The Alzheimer's Association will provide you with all the tools and staff support needed. Click here to find a walk near you, for registration information or to make a donation. 

Motor Symptoms Associated with Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease (PD) affects over 10 million people worldwide.  It is a neurological condition that causes uncontrollable movement due to the lack of dopamine in brain cells. The National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) identifies four major motor symptoms associated with this disease:

  • Bradykinesia, slower movements that makes everyday tasks like standing, sitting, dressing or talking slower and more difficult.
  • Muscle stiffness on one or both sides of the body.
  • Tremors or uncontrollable shaking of the hands and other body parts.
  • Postural balance resulting in frequent falls and trouble walking.

Although there is not a cure for PD, researchers and other experts are working hard to help improve the quality of life for Parkinson's patients. The NPF offers a variety of information to help caregivers, medical professionals and patients understand this disease, and keep them up to date on the latest research developments. For more information on PD, visit or

Also, there are a wide range of helpful products designed to improve the quality of life for people with PD. These products range from weighted eating utensils to reduce hand tremors to rollator walker stabilizers to help improve walking challenges. For more information about these products, click here.



Support Groups for Family Members Caring for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients

Family members caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia need all the help they can get. Unlike professional caregivers, the emotional, physical and financial strain on family members caring for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients can become unbearable. According to an “Alzheimer’s Disease Fact Sheet,” researchers are not only searching for a cure and developing new ways of treating these diseases, they are also focusing on ways to help caregivers cope in their new role. A few of the researchers' suggestions include:

  • Learning as much as possible about the signs, symptoms and behavior challenges of these diseases
  • Staying up to date on new developments and treatment options
  • Exercising regularly for your own physical health
  • Joining a support group for your emotional well being

The Alzheimer’s Association is a great resource for all of the above suggestions. They offer a comprehensive website with a wealth of information about AD, living with AD and much more. Their website’s most important feature connects caregivers to local support groups and online support groups. Joining a support group in your area gives caregivers an opportunity to share experiences, learn coping skills and receive the emotional support they need. To find a support group in your area, click here!

ElderMedicalSupplyGroup’s Grand Opening Celebration!

ElderMedicalSupplyGroup’s Grand Opening Celebration!

National Medical Supplies, your trusted durable medical equipment (DME) supplier for over 30 years, is expanding. We now offer a huge selection of “aids for daily living” products as well as our durable medical equipment and supplies online at

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Choose from a variety of innovative products specifically designed to improve the quality of life for those of us living with neurological, autoimmune and physical disabilities. You’ll find quality, adaptive and innovative equipment to assist with dressing, bathing, dining, mobility and much more!

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Assistive Devices Prolong Independent Living and Save Money!

Assistive Devices Prolong Independent Living and Save Money!

Assistive devices help elderly seniors, people with disabilities and individuals recovering from an illness or injury perform daily living activities without assistance. For example, an eating utensil with soft, built-up handles enables a person with limited hand dexterity or severe arthritis comfortably grip the handle to eat without help from a caregiver. Other assistive devices sometimes referred to as adaptive aids or aids for daily living devices, help with dressing, bathing, cooking, standing or walking.


Today, manufacturers provide an extensive selection of aids for daily living products and devices. The majority of these devices is simple to use and inexpensive to own. More importantly, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the use of assistive devices allows users to prolong living independently! This not only improves their self-esteem, it also eliminates the cost of an assisted living facility or private in-home nursing care.  To find the assistive device(s) to make your life easier, click here!

Helpful Solution for Dysphagia

Helpful Solution to Dysphagia

Dysphagia is a swallowing disorder associated with a number of neurological disabilities. Even though it’s most notably linked to strokes, some other neurological conditions affected by Dysphagia include Parkinson and Alzheimer’s diseases, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and Lou Gehrig’s disease or ALS. It also has an effect on people with brain or spinal cord injuries.

People with Dysphagia find it difficult to swallow because it paralyzes the muscles used to control the swallowing process. According to the American Stroke Association, having Dysphagia may cause

·         Rapid weight lost due to limited food and liquid intake

·         aspiration pneumonia, a lung infection caused by inhaling your food or fluids into the lungs or airways

·         unusual shaped pockets called esophageal pouches that extend from the esophagus, trapping food particles which produces choking and bacterial growth

A safe and helpful way to prevent these conditions from occurring is to use the Wedge Cup for Dysphagia.  This adaptive drinking aid assists individuals with swallowing difficulties by allowing them to obtain their nutrients through fluids and food thickeners.  It features an adjustable flow control that regulates the amount of fluid output, enabling users to drink at slower, more controlled pace.

·         The Wedge Cup for Dysphagia:
improves the amount of food intake, preventing weight lost

·         Decreases the risk of aspiration pneumonia and bacterial growth

·         Eliminates the need for feeding tubes


For more information on Dysphagia, visit