Multi-Purpose Cylindrical Foam Tubing

SKU KIN-40500

Make handles easier to grasp!

Cylindrical Foam Tubing enlarges the small handles on eating utensils, hairbrushes, toothbrushes and more. It’s the perfect solution for people with curled or bent arthritis fingers, or people with limited or weak hand dexterity. Adding Cylindrical Foam Tubing makes:

  • daily self-care less painful and more enjoyable
  • handles easier to grasp and more comfortable to hold
  • converting almost any handle safe and economical

Cylindrical Foam Tubing is easy to put on and easy to take off. Use it to build up items you use at home or at work. It's ideal for use in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.  

Easy to use foam tubing on a variety of items

This Cylindrical Foam Tubing is strong, flexible closed-cell foam.  It’s easy and safe to use on a variety of items. Simply cut the tubing to the desired length and it’s ready for use. Cylindrical Foam Tubing is available in black only.


Length: 1 yard

Inner diameter - 3/8 inch

Outer diameter - 1 3/8 inches

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