Duro-Tek Plus Folding Reacher

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Reach objects without bending or stretching!

Duro-Tek Plus Folding Reacher with Magnetic Tip enables users to pick-up those hard to reach objects without bending or stretching. It features an ergonomic shaped handle with a three-finger trigger mechanism. The easy to grasp trigger controls the width of the serrated claw to pick up small or large objects.

Additional features include a magnetic tip to pick up coins, clips and other metal items, a 3/4-inch metal extension to pull items and a convenient clip to attach the Reacher to a wheelchair, walker or shopping cart. The Duro-Tek Plus Reacher is perfect for wheelchair users and ambulatory users with limited mobility.

Lightweight with a sturdy folding aluminum shaft  

Duro-Tek Plus Folding Reacher is lightweight, made with a sturdy aluminum shaft and available in 26 and 32-inch lengths. The serrated jaw and claw offer a secure grasp with minimal effort and the plastic, contoured handle with three-finger trigger offer a comfortable, non-slip grip. When not in use, the Duro-Tek Plus Reacher folds flat for storage and travel.


26 inch x 1/2 inch – weight: 6 ounces - serrated claw opens up to 3 inches

32 inch x 1/2 inch – weight: 7.5 ounces - serrated claw opens up to 4.25 inches

Makes a great gift!

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