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The formed sock aid with foam grips is designed for individuals with limits in amount of bending and stretching that can be done. The formed sock aid with foam grips is uniquely designed with molded rubber and foam materials to aid individuals who suffer
Clip-On Eating Utensils are a spoon and fork with vinyl covered hand straps. They fit over the back securely for use. An excellent eating aid for people having difficulty grasping or holding small utensils due to Rheumatoid arthritis or ulnar drift.
Sock-eez compression hosiery remover helps to remove the strongest compression socks, stockings and hosiery with ease. The long blue sock aid is strong, stiff and made to last. Features an easy-to-grip extended lip holder.
Weighted Two Handle Mug for people with hand tremors, spasticity or shaky hands due to Parkinson's disease. It has a wide base to resist tipping and a spill proof spout lid to direct the liquid flow.


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