Afex® Extra Capacity Bedside Drainage Bag


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Extra large urinary collection

This Afex Bedside Collection Bag connects to the Afex Extension Tube and Afex High-Style Receptacle. Together the three components provide the most effective overnight protection for male urinary incontinence. Users are able to:

  • Use bedside drainage bag for up to 30 days
  • Keep bed linens dry
  • Protect skin and cloths from wetness
  • Sleep all through the night

Holds up to 64 ounces and easy to use

The Afex Bedside Drainage Bag for male incontinence is easy to use and holds up to 64 ounce. It features a Quick-Release Valve for easy attachment and easy removal from the Afex Extension Tube Assembly. Other features include a convenient handle and mounting piece.

Afex Extension Tube Assembly required for use with this Afex Extra Capacity Bedside Drainage Collection Bag!

Please note: This and all incontinence products are non-returnable!

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