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Get dressed without bending!

Kinsman Basic Hip Kit is highly recommended for people recovering from hip or knee surgery, a spinal cord injury, elderly people or people with lower mobility extremities. The hip kit contains a variety of items designed to enable users to dress and bathe independently without bending.

Easy to use dressing and grooming aids

The Basic Hip Kit includes:

  • Ergo Plus Reacher, a lightweight aluminum reacher equipped with a larger trigger, a push-pull post, a non-slip lower jaw and padded upper jaw and a magnet inside the front rubber tip.
  • Sock Aid with Built-Up Foam Handles, designed to help users with Arthritis and limited grasping ability put on socks or compression stockings easier.
  • Elastic Shoe Laces to help put on and take off shoes without tying and untying shoe laces. (Kit includes 2 pair black and 2 pair white laces.)
  • 27" Dressing Stick with a vinyl coated push-pull hook on one end and a small "C" pull hook on the other end.
  • 24" Stainless Steel Shoehorn with a curved, vinyl covered hand grip for easy grasping.
  • Long Handle Bath Sponge for scrubbing those hard to reach areas when bathing.

Available choices

This Basic Hip Kit is available with your choice of a 27" or a 32" Ergo Plus Reacher.

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