CaneTube® Snap-On Cane Holder


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Carry your walking cane everywhere

The CaneTube® Snap-On Cane Holder allows rollator walker and standard walker users to carry their walking cane or umbrella with them wherever they go. This sharp looking tube attaches to any round tubing 3/4 inch to 1-1/8 inches quickly and safely. It:

  • Snaps on in seconds
  • Requires no tools to attach
  • Stays securely in place

CaneTube Snap-On Cane Holder also attaches to transport chairs, knee scooters and even shopping carts. Simply attach it to your walker or rollator, drop your cane inside the tube and go!

Lightweight and durable with long-lasting gripper clips

The CaneTube, made of high impact plastic, is lightweight and durable. It weighs only six ounces and attaches to any round tubing with long-lasting gripper clips. These sturdy vinyl-coated gripper clips won’t scratch your walker’s finish and holds on tightly.

Use the added hook and loop style Velcro® straps when attaching the cane holder for additional holding security. The easy to clip-on cane holder is available in your choice of four vibrant colors: Blue, Black, Red, or Pink!

Weight and Dimensions

CaneTube weighs six (6) ounces

Measures 14 inches long x 2 inches wide

Makes a simple but functional gift!

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