Clear Plate Food Guard

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Prevent food from falling off the plate!

The Clear Plate Food Guard prevent users from pushing their food off the plate. It's the ideal assistive eating aid for people with Parkinson's disease, essential hand tremors, severe Arthritis, limited muscle control and individuals with the use of only one hand.
Using this attachable type food bumper guard also helps push food onto the user's fork or spoon. There's no need for assistance from caregivers and the user can enjoy their meal without making a huge mess.

Attaches easily to rim of the plate

Clear Plate Food Guard features an internal "V" groove that securely attaches to the rim of the plate. The plate guard's polycarbonate material ensures long-lasting usability and strength. Available in three convenient sizes: Small, Large and X-Large.
Latex free and Dishwasher safe


  • Small - fits 6" - 8" diameter plates
  • Large - fits 8" - 9" diameter plates
  • X-Large - fits 10" diameter plates

Stainless Steel Plate Guard

The plate guard is also available in Stainless Steel. This spring action clip-on plate guard fits 9 inch to - 11 inch plates only! Dishwasher safe.


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