Deluxe Terry Covered Sock Aid with Built-Up Foam Handles

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Easy to grasp, non-slip sock and stocking helper!

The Deluxe Terry Covered Sock Aid helps users put on socks or stockings without bending or stretching! Features include:

  • soft built-up foam handles that are easy to grasp and comfortable to hold
  • flexible plastic inner lining that folds to allow the foot to slide easily into the sock
  • non-slip terry cloth outer cover that holds the sock open until the foot is snugly in place

This dressing device is perfect for people with Arthritis or other grasping disabilities, and people with the use of only one hand.

Flexible with easy to use comfort

This Deluxe Terry Covered Sock and Stocking Aid is flexible and easy to use. Simply place your sock or stocking onto the lined, flexible nylon fabric sock aid, place your foot into position and pull the handles toward you using one hand or both hands. The long cloth straps and easy to grasp built-up foam handles are comfortable to hold even for users with severe Arthritis.


Handle length: 27" - Overall length: 36"

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