High Sided Scoop Dish

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High Side dish makes eating easier!

This High Side Scoop Dish makes eating much easier! It is perfect for people with limited motion control or the use of only one hand. The high side on this dinner plate helps users scoop food onto the eating utensil in one simple stroke without spilling.

Scratch and stain resistant for lasting durability

The High Side Scoop Dish features:
  • a scratch and stain resistant surface for long-lasting durability
  • an ergonomic 3/4 inch lip around the outer edge for easy handling
  • a two inch height for scooping food and to eliminate spills
High Side Scoop Dish is stackable, making it ideal for institutional or home use. It is microwave and dishwasher safe up to 180 degrees, and is available in choice of blue or white.


9 inch diameter x 2 inch height with a 3/4 inch outer lip 

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