Adjustable Toilet Safety Rail


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Safely prevents accidental falls!

Adjustable Toilet Safety Rail makes using the toilet much safer! It provides the user extra support when using the toilet. The padded armrests are comfortable to hold and provide an excellent gripping surface.
This toilet rail gives individuals with balance or mobility disabilities the confidence to use the toilet without accidentally falling and without help from a caregiver. It is perfect for people with limited mobility or people recovering from a stroke, joint replacement surgery or other physical injuries. 

Toilet safety frame supports without wobbling!

This Toilet Safety Rail from Drive Medical is lightweight and sturdy. Its’ easy tool-free assembly quickly secures to most toilets to support weights up to 300 pounds – evenly distributed.


Width between arms – 16.5 – 19.5 inches
Weight - 10.5 pounds

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Buckingham Foldeasy Toilet Safety Frame supports users who need help sitting on and getting off toilet seats. Height adjustable, foldable and portable. Perfect for people with balance and limited mobility disabilities! Fits most toilets and commodes.
Adjustable Toilet safety frame provides support for individuals with limited mobility and balancing disabilities. It improves bathroom safety in your home, in an assisted living facility or in a hospital. Both height and width adjust to support 300 pounds

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