Quick Change Hospital Bed Sheets


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Quick Change Hospital Bed Sheets

Quick Change Hospital Bed Sheets are innovative, clever and convenient. The Quick Change Bed Sheets feature a Velcro® Strip Sheet and a Velcro Fitted Sheet. Matching the Velcro on the Strip Sheet with the Velcro on the Fitted Sheet becomes one fitted sheet. This nifty Fitted Sheet makes changing the most difficult hospital bed effortless. These sheets are perfect for caregivers, people with limited mobility or limited hand dexterity. 

How the Quick Change Sheet Works

The Quick Change Fitted Sheet is easy to use and quick to change. Simply put the Fitted Sheet onto your mattress, which you will not have to do again for a long time. Match the Velcro of your Strip Sheet with the Velcro of your Fitted Sheet and secure the two pieces together. When it is time to change your dirty sheets, separate the Strip Sheet from the Fitted Sheet, leaving your fitted sheet attached to the mattress and you are done.
Your Quick Change Sheets are soft and luxurious, made from super-soft, ultra-fine fibers comparable to a 1500 thread count fabric. They are hypoallergenic, machine washable, quick drying and wrinkle free bed linen. Quick Sheets are available in white only in your choice of:
  • 4- piece Starter Kit (includes 1-Fitted Sheet, 2-Strip Sheets, 1-Storage Pocket)
  • 5-piece Basic Set (includes 1-Fitted Sheet, 1-Strip Sheet, 1-Storage Pocket, 1 matching Flat Sheet, 1 Pillow Case)
  • 9-piece Uber Set (includes 1-Fitted Sheet, 2-Strip Sheets, 2-Storage Pockets, 2 matching Flat Sheets, 2 Pillow Cases)
Each set includes a handy side pocket to store important items like your remote control, your favorite book or your cell-phone.


Fits mattresses measuring 80 x 36 x 12 inches

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