Stable Bed Rail

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Stability and support

The stable bed rail is designed with several benefits to provide maximum comfort. Assures you the peace of mind knowing that loved ones are safe from nighttime falls. The anti-slip grips secure rails between mattress and bed frame. Built with pockets to keep daily items such as remotes, pills and eyeglasses nearby. The handle is built with cushions to provide extra support when getting in or out of the bed. Accommodates any home bed or hospital bed.

Prevent Falls From Occuring

The stable rail is designed for multiuse. Great for protection against falls or getting in and out of bed with support. Created with pockets to store things needed in a hand reach. Low profile enables you to feel right at home.


Height adjustment from foor to top of handle: 31"- 44" Height adjustment from mattress base to top of handle: 17.5" - 22.5" Rail width: 18" Height range from foor to horizontal support structure under mattress: 13.5"- 21.5" Depth of horizontal support structure under mattress: 20" Weight capacity: 300 lbs Weight of product: 9 lbs


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