Swivel Eating Utensils with Built-Up Comfort Grip Handles


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Comfort grip handles with spill proof leveling

Swivel Eating Utensils with Built-Up Comfort Grip Handle assist users with limited wrist or muscle control. These adaptive eating aids feature a self-leveling device designed to prevent food from falling off the utensil. They're perfect for people with Parkinson’s disease or users with grasping disabilities and Arthritis. The extra large handle offers a comfortable, non-slip grip for maximum user control. Ideal for use in both institutions and at home.

Stainless steel eating utensils with a non-slip grip

These special eating utensils are quality stainless steel with a large, comfort grip handle made of a soft, non-slip vinyl with finger indentations for a more secure grip. Swivel Eating Utensils feature built-in swivel limiters to prevent excess rotation or swing and to allow the utensil to scoop food. Dishwasher safe!


Swivel Fork – 7.5 inches long

Swivel Spoon – 8 inches long

Eating utensils are not returnable!

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