URSEC Spill Proof Urinals


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Spill proof solution for nighttime incontinence

The URSEC Spill Proof Urinal offers an alternative solution to nighttime incontinence for both men and women. Its innovative design will not spill the contents even if rolled over in bed. Nightly use of the URSEC Spill Proof Urinal:

  • Eliminates frequent trips to the bathroom
  • Keeps sheets and clothing dry
  • Reduces urine odor
  • Prevents the spread of infectious bacteria

Leave this cost-saving, leak-resistant urinal in the bed with you for instant availability - no need to call for assistance! URSEC Spill Proof Urinal is ideal for use in hospitals, in assisted living centers and in private homes. Styles designed for male or female users!

Wide stable base with ergonomic handle

URSEC Spill Proof Urinal features a wide stable base for easy positioning and an ergonomic handle for easy to hold comfort and for hanging on bed rails. The extra slope of the neck makes it easier to use in a seated position. Even the female URSEC is easy to use while sitting on the edge of a bed or in a reclined position.

The URSEC Spill Proof Urinal is always ready to use and easy to clean. It empties at the back and comes with two caps: a standard, easy to remove cap and a childproof cap to prevent unintended opening.

Style Choice & Fluid Capacity

Holds approximately 32 ounces (1 liter)!

Choice of Male or Female Urinal

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