Afex Leg Bag Holders


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Holds leg bags and protects sensitive skin

Afex® Leg Bag Holder holds the Afex Leg Bag securely in place. It’s comfortable to wear and helps prevent sensitive skin irritation.

The Afex Leg Bag Holder is perfect for wheelchair users and men who sit for extended periods of time. When in use, the holder is discreet and won’t slide or slip out of place.

Adjustable hook and loop closures

Afex Leg Bag Holder features a wide fabric area with reinforced elastic strips on the inside and a large sewn-on pocket to hold the leg bag on the outside. It’s washable, reusable and closes using two adjustable hook and loop straps.

The Afex Leg Bag Holder is available with or without the 1200 ml Afex Leg Bag. Make your selection above. Choose the holder with the leg bag and save!

Sizes & Colors

Available in Black or White

One size fits all

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