Afex® Extension Tube Assembly Kit for Male Incontinence


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Tubing assembly for nighttime incontinence

The Afex Extension Tube Assembly Kit from Arcus Medical connects the Afex Receptacle to the Afex Leg Bag or Afex 2000ml Bed Bag. It’s the preferred tube assembly for use with the Afex Overnight Incontinence Management System and the Afex Mobility Assisted Incontinence Management Kit. This extension tube measures 42 inches long without the connector and easily cuts to your desired length.

Incontinence extension tubing with auto-shutoff

Afex Extension Tube Assembly Kit features an easy to use Twist-n-Lock Connector, a Colder Push-n-Lock Connector with auto-shutoff and a comfortable Tube Pad for extended wear. The Twist-n-Lock Connector attaches to the Receptacle and the Push-n-Lock Connector attaches to the Leg Bag or Bed Bag. When the tubing is not in use or not properly connected to the bags, the auto-shutoff prevents fluid from dripping.  

Please note: Tubing must be in position for a continuous downward flow, which may require running the Afex Extension Tube underneath the leg. If so, use the Tube Pad included for increased comfort.

Reusable and easy to clean

Afex Extension Tube Assembly is easy to clean. To help avoid both infection and irritation, it’s highly recommended that you clean the system daily. Simply follow the cleaning instructions provided using Afex Cleaning Solution.

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