Bariatric Formed Sock Aid With Foam Grips

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Extra wide, extra long sock puller-upper!

The Bariatric Formed Sock Aid with Foam Grips offers an extra wide surface for extra wide calves, and an easier way to put on your socks, knee highs or compression hosiery without bending. This easy to grip sock puller-upper features built-up, easy to grip foam handles and an extra long braided cord. The foam handles make it easier and more comfortable to grip for people with Arthritis and other grasping difficulties, and the extra long cord makes it easier to use for:

  • people recovering from back, hip or knee surgery
  • wheelchair users
  • elderly people with limited mobility

Long Lasting Rigid construction with extra strong cord

This long lasting Bariatric Formed Sock Aid is made of an extra strong molded plastic that measures five inches wide with an extra long braided cord. The length eliminates the need to bend, the extra wide width accommodates extra wide calves and a rubber self adhesive pad helps keep your sock or compression stocking in place.

Makes a great gift!

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