Bedside Beverage Holder

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Hands free drink holder for bedridden!

Bedside Beverage Holder holds cups, bottles, glasses or cans for people unable to use their hands. It attaches to bedrails, wheelchairs and other tubular frames to:

  • Provide a constant hands free drink holder for bedridden and non-ambulatory patients  
  • Help caregivers prevent dehydration by maintaining adequate amounts of patient’s fluid intake
  • Allow individuals with muscle weakness or muscular disabilities to drink their favorite beverages through a straw independently

Easy to use drink holder with flexible positioning

The Bedside Beverage Holder is simple to use and flexible for easy positioning. It has a flexible chrome plated gooseneck arm with a sturdy plastic connector clamp on one end and a plastic cradle holder slotted on two sides on the other end to hold most glasses, beverage cans and cups with or without handles.

To use this convenient beverage holder, simply attach the connector clamp to any bedrail, wheelchair or walker tubular frame and adjust the flexible gooseneck arm to the desired position for the cradle holder. Place a cup, mug, glass or can inside the cradle holder, add a drinking straw and the Bedside Beverage Holder is ready for use.


The flexible gooseneck is 11 inches (28 cm) long

Connector clamp fits tubular frames with a diameter of 3/4 to 1 inch (1.9 5o 2.5 cm)

Cradle Holder will not hold containers with more than 20 ounces of fluid!

Caution: Do not use Hot Beverages!

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