Clip On Deviation Drift Eating Utensils

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Clip-On Eating Utensils help increase food intake

Rheumatoid Arthritis and other conditions make grasping or holding small eating utensils very difficult. The pain and strain associated with these conditions may cause suffers to skip meals, creating a whole new set of problems. These Clip-On Eating Utensils eliminate meal skipping and help increase food intake. Clip-On Eating Utensils are the perfect adaptive eating aid for users with Ulnar deviation drift. 

Bendable straps clips securely to the back of the hand

Clip-On Eating Utensils are easy to use vinyl covered hand straps in a fork or spoon. Simply clip on the fork or clip on the spoon securely to the back of the hand and they are ready for use. The bendable straps are adjustable to fit the hands. Dishwasher safe.
Sold individually. 

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