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Extra absorbent - extra wide disposable liner

Dignity® Extra provides moderate urinary leakage protection for men and women seeking help with an overactive bladder. Absorbent liners, which are slightly wider that absorbent pads, provide users with bladder issues or other conditions related to involuntary urine leakage, a fuller coverage area. An ideal choice for stress incontinence, and the perfect choice when used as an addition to disposable or reusable incontinence underwear.

Absorbent liner to control odor and wetness

Unique features of Dignity's Extra Absorbent Liners are directly responsible for its reliable performance.

  • Excelsorb&reg III core system
  • Cloth-like Moisture-proof outer barrier with side walls
  • Extra-wide adhesive strip

Excelsorb&reg III core system consist of three functioning layers. The top layer wicks urine leakage away from your skin into the second layer made of super absorbent polymer. Once urine enters the polymer, it turns into a gel-like substance. This process helps the skin stay dry and irritation free and neutralizes urine odor. The cloth-like moisture-proof outer layer with side walls to prevent fluid leakage, discreetly eliminates the ruffling noise made by other brands.

Maximum amount of fluid retention

These disposable incontinence liners are perfect for moderate to heavy urine leakage. Extra Absorbent Liners absorb up to nine fluid ounces and an extra-wide adhesive strip securely holds the liner in place. Use it as an insert for all Dignity's panties, briefs and boxer shorts, or place inside your own reusable or disposable underwear for hours of incontinence protection.

Dimensions and package quantity

Dignity Extra Absorbent Liner measures 4" x 12". They're available by the bag or by the case.

  • 25 liners per bag
  • 10 bags per case

For sanitary reasons, this article cannot be returned or exchanged if opened!

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