Fan Shaped Hands Free Playing Card Holder

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Hands free playing card organizer and holder!

Remain in the game with this Fan Shaped Playing Card Holder! This attractive little hands free playing card helper allows users to:
  • place the holder on the table for hands free card playing
  • easily place cards into and pull cards out of the holder without it tipping over
  • quickly organize playing cards
  • clearly view their cards without exposure to other players
  • turn the card holder upside down without losing a single card
  • to securely hold phone messages, coupons, shopping lists, recipes and other items
The Fan Shaped Playing Card Holder enable people with Arthritis, limited hand dexterity, weak grasp or shaky hands, the use of only one hand, or people recovering from hand surgery or hand injury to continue to play their favorite card games with ease.

Built for long-term durability

The manufacturer designed the Fan Shaped Hands-Free Card Holder for long-lasting, long-term use. Molded from heavy-duty, rigid plastic, the hands free playing card holder’s weight and two non-skid legs keep the cardholder from sliding on the table. The unique fan shape makes it comfortable to hold and convenient to stand upright. Sold single or in a set of four!

Color & Dimensions

Color: Red
Measures: 8 inches wide by 4 inches high (20 x 10.2 cm).
Perfect to give as a gift or use in
assisted living or independent living activity centers!

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