Silicone Hot Hand® Pot Holder and Jar Opener

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Non-slip hand protecting jar opener

Silicone Hot Hand® Protector and Jar Opener protects your hands and makes opening lids of jars and bottles much easier too! Use it to:
  • securely hold wet, slippery glasses and jars
  • help open tight jar lids and bottle caps
  • protect hands from hot pots and pans
This jar opener and hand protector is perfect for people with limited grasping ability, weak hand dexterity or arthritis. The gripping surfaces are studded with tiny suction cups to make grasping easy, slip-free and secure.

Easy fitting mitt-like pockets for a secure hold

This protective jar opener, made from durable silicone, can withstand up to 500 degree temperatures. It features end pockets that form a mitt-like fit to accommodate your fingers and thumb.
Available in Sky Blue or Lime Green.


3-7/8 x 7-1/2 inches



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