Sock-eez Compression Hosiery Remover

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Remove compression hosiery with ease

This ergonomic dressing aid eliminates the hazel of removing the toughest compression stockings or socks. The unique Sock-eez™ is perfect for users who are unable to bend due to chronic back problems or users recovering from knee, hip or back surgery.
Use the Sock-eez to remove regular hosiery, socks and knee highs too. It is an all time favorite of people with lymphedema, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and arthritis. The smooth sturdy design makes removing compression hosiery effortless.

Extra Long and contoured design built to last

The Sock-eez Compression Sock and Stocking Aid, made from a hard sturdy plastic, measures 21 inches long and feature a curved edge at the top for easy gripping. It also features a round smooth bottom with a small curved extension to help grip the tightest and thickest compression hosiery for easy removal. It comes with a convenient wrist strap for a more secure grip.

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